What should you look for in an SEO audit

The ultimate 5 step SEO audit checklist for your UK business

If you already know me I am a huge advocate on basics and making sure every aspect of your SEO follows a scientific plan and approach and if you follow these guidelines you will rank full stop. So I wanted to put together a list of items that I use in my free SEO audit that I give to local business’s so you can see what is necessary.

A quality basic SEO audit should contain each of the follow aspects:

  1. Meta title – Look to make sure there are no duplicate page titles and that you give a clear understanding to a potential client or customer what it is your page is about.
  2. H1 Tags – H1 is a very important SEO signal and so you need to make sure yet again there are no dupes and that your h1’s a unique.
  3. H2 Tags – These are again a powerful signal in Google search and so double check for duplication.
  4. Site errors – Double check to make sure your site doesn’t have 404 errors and that all pages show a status 200 which means google and clearly see the page.
  5. Site Speed – This a factor that Google rave about and it is super important to make sure you site is fast. As mobile first starts to take over it is highly important that you check your speed regularly.

The very best tools Alex recommends for your SEO Audit

  1. Screaming frog – This tool allows you to scan you website and tells you all the necessary information listed above.
  2. Gt Metrix – This website scans your website for all things page speed.
  3. Google Page Insights – Google will scan your website and check for desktop and mobile speed issues.

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Now obviously there are also more advanced and in depth SEO audits and these will cost if your interested in one of these contact Alex.

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