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Welcome to the SEO Watford page. Below you will find information and bullet points explaining the ins and outs of search engine optimisation in Watford and Hertfordshire. Pay close attention to the basic rules of on page SEO, link building and entity and brand building as these will make the difference to whether you rank page 1 or page 10 with Alex’s digital marketing company.

SEO Watford Services

Watford is a well populated town close to St Albans and hosts multiple digital marketing company and web design company’s that work with many local businesses . Alex Maggs-Welling’s SEO Hertfordshire agency is one of though’s that will work with you too boost your search engine rankings in the maps and local search results pages for your website in Google local search.

As a marketing agency and top design website business. We base all our work around what we call Triple T which stands for traffic, theme and trust taught and created by Mike Pearse thoroughly explained in my video found on my blog. When you apply the correct theme(on page), trust(entity and brand building) and traffic(user clicks and engagement) you will take your business to the next level.

We all want more traffic and sales to our businesses, with Alex’s help your can improve your Watford St Albans based business and current website using the latest on page techniques and site structure explained below combines with the use of basic website design and graphic design which helps user experience which results in traffic boosts.

What is Quality On Page SEO Structure?

When we talk about on page we are referring to the certain page elements written on a page which includes the URL, meta title, H1, H2 and paragraph text. When we include our focus keyword e.g. “SEO Watford” in all these places you will see an immediate rise. There are of course many other factors e.g. image ALTs, that we will research for you and include on the pages you are looking to rank for in Google. Every element we include on the page has be tested using single variable testing and we can proudly say that Alex and his seo team are above the crowd of other seo companies and agencies when it comes down to this scientific approach.

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What is link building and how can it be used to improve my websites ranking?

Link building is a well known seo tecnique and people for get that links should come in after the on page seo and brand building elements. There are to forms of link building

Internal link building

This form of link building is when you interlink the pages of your website harnessing the relevance and the possible power of those pages. When your website is brand new there will be no power yet so interlinking will purely be for relevance and power will build up slowly as more pages are created and more internal links are added. However if your web site has been around for a few years then you may already have power on certain pages especially the home page. We will interlink these pages accordingly and you should see increases very quickly.

External link building

These sort of links come from websites that link to your website. Once the on page and interlinking has been completed we will start an external linking campaign if its needed. In some cases the on page + entity and brand building is enough. All out links come from verified and trusted sources and will contain traffic which follows our triple t approach explained earlier. We also advice that if you want a link building package included that you also take a content package which is explained below.

How can content marketing improve my SEO rankings?

When you structure content correctly with proper on page you will start to see increases for thousands of keywords instead of the typical hundres. We have a process that includes scoring content which adds extreme relevance and in turn allows that content to rank for a lot of words. When you include content plus the external links we provide, your website will gain hundreds more visitors monthly especially in eCommerce.

Alex’s content plus linking SEO stratagy

There are certain types of websites including eCommerce that don’t allow for huge amounts of content on individual product or category pages. So we include a content plus linking package that allows you to rank for thousands of keywords for your product pages.

How do we do the content plus linking

We create quality well scored content which is published on your website either as a blog post or page. We then in turn find the best quality links from outreach and guest post providers and all include traffic, theme and trust as mention.


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Summary of Alex’s Watford SEO services for each clients search engine optimisation campaign:

  • Link building
  • User engagement
  • Json-LD marktup
  • Establishing your entity and brand
  • Google my business optimisation
  • Content marketing and optimisation
  • Social media marketing
  • On page seo

Every custom package comes with a monthly rankings and traffic report and a monthly site audit.

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