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Below is all the information you need to understand why facebook is a awesome advertising platform and how i prefer it over the traditional Google As formally know and Adwords.

Why Choose Facebook Advertising?

Facebook has taken us by storm and now allows such variability with different ads which can target local, national and online based businesses easily and effectively.

When a new potential client comes to me and asks why facebook? I give a simple answer: Facebook is based around demographics and google ads on keywords. It simply allows you to narrow down your audience completely and easily send targeted ads. Below i will explain more in depth:

Create Your Perfect Audience on Facebook

Facebook allows yous to create your perfect audience and send ads specifically to this audience. You can then create a go to re-targeting list in which you can supply people with things of there interest.

It wont cost you huge amounts

Ads on facebook are extremely cheap compared with other ppc advertisers. A great article by Brian Carter “Why Every Business Should Spend at Least $1 per Day on Facebook Ads” explains this further.

Actually here is a snippet about the price of ads here in $ you can convert to pound if necessary but you will get the idea:

  • They can reach as many people or more people as radio or TV, and in whatever country.
  • They have sophisticated targeting like AdWords, albeit on different criteria.
  • The minimum spend is just $1 per day.
  • They are the lowest cost per 1,000 impressions ad in history. They average around $0.25 per 1,000, which is only 1% of the cost of TV. Are you kidding me? Nope, it’s for real.

Its ridiculously easy to target specific people

Its extremely easy to target specific people and groups of people and create a quality audience. With video ads, lead ads and many others described in this article at word-stream called “5 Ridiculously Powerful Facebook Ad Targeting Strategies” you can target behaviors, interests, demographics, connections, age ranges, languages, or locations and keep building layers and layers. And yet you don’t waste money on the people you have already targeted.

How can we help you with Facebook Social Media Advertising?

Alex has had many years experience in search engine marketing which includes, seo, ppc and content marketing. He and his team can manage your facebook advertisng campaigns, test ads and allow you to get the best for your advertising budgets. We can take over existing campaigns or start new ones and this can go alongside your pay per click or search engine optimisation campaigns.

Take you paid advertising to the next level in London and Hertfordshire with Facebook

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