How Sports Hypnosis helped this young tennis player to win on the court

How Sports Hypnosis helped this young tennis player to win on the court.

The Problem

Alex Maggs-Wellings recently worked with Billy (his name has been changed to protect his identity) who is an avid tennis player and likes to play competitive tennis at his local club. Recently, Billy has been struggling with loosing 6 out of his last tie breakers to his competitors. This started to lead him to doubting his abilities to overcome these tie-breakers with a win.

The Solution

Alex worked with Billy using the following methods;

  • Helped Billy to create mental imagery and future rehearsal of success through hypnosis
  • Helped Billy to focus on success and the strategies to have the right mindset before and after a match
  • Helped Billy to address mental road blocks and barriers to achieving wins
  • Helped Billy to believe in himself, stay motivated and have a positive outlook


Alex worked with Billy to collapse the belief that he could not win matches or breakthrough tiebreakers. By empowering Billy with mental triggers for staying relaxed on the court when he had to overcome a tiebreaker situation.


The Outcome

After working with Alex the following week Billy had his next tournament. While in his first match Billy had to face adversity when he once again found himself facing another tiebreaker situation.

As he got started with the tiebreaker he was overcome with the feeling of staying calm and relaxed and all the feelings of nots in the stomach and anxieties simply vanished and allowed Billy to focus his full attention on winning the tiebreaker and moving on in the tournament.


The benefits

Billy has now a renewed positive optimism for how he is performing on the court and he is winning more matches than ever before with his renewed focus and future rehearsals for success.

How Effective Is Hypnosis?

SourceĀ : Results of Comparative Study by American Health Magazine

Psycho analysis:

38% recovery after 600 sessions

Behavior Therapy:

72% recovery after 22 sessions


93% recovery after 6 sessions


Here is an example video of how Alex is using the SPIN technique in hypnosis to address back pain.

This approach can also help athletes to overcome mental blocks and barriers that are impeding their potential for success.


How to get in touch

If you are interested in booking a free 30-minute session with Alex Maggs Wellings you can reach him via his website or by phone.


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