How to become more happy? – secret of internal happiness

secret of happinessHow to become more happy? – secret of internal happiness

One of the questions that I am most frequently asked is how can I become more happy?

People often approach me seeking the secret of internal happiness and at the same token look to overcome bad memories.

To do this you need to have a purpose that is achievable. You can do this by setting simple, achievable goals, so the closer you get to a goal the more natural happiness you can achieve.

Such a process in itself seems to make the goal appear even more achievable and this increasingly natural state of happiness will release endorphins that make people even happier.

Such happiness comes when you move towards motivation which is framed by the setting of clear goals that are achievable in small chunks. By constantly hitting your happiness target you will increase the feeling of wellbeing.

Once you have this feeling you then need to set positive anchors that help you remember happiness. These anchors can be memories, emotions or anything which will help to trigger the happiness that you have achieved.

One final and very simple technique, but one which many people overlook, is simply to practice feeling happy. When you have the anchor of a positive memory, why not return back to that feeling and prove to yourself both how easy it is to achieve but also to maintain.

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