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Marketing Consulting

Marketing consulting on hourly, daily or monthly plans. From SEO to Facebook and Google Ads.


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Marketing consulting on hourly, daily or monthly plans. From SEO to Facebook and Google Ads.

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Who is Alex Maggs Wellings?

Alex has been in the digital marketing industry for 16 years having had a background in coaching and psychology. He understands the technical aspect of SEO, Facebook and all aspects of digital strategy planning for businesses. Over this time he has tested Googles limitations and continues to do so using scientific data analysis and a multitude of results across the board with both clients and his own online projects.

He understands how websites work in conjunction with the search engines and has insight into underlining implications. His eye has been trained to stop a multitude of potential issues with websites and structure and he can easily put together plans of action for businesses to improve the rankings, traffic and their sales online.

Alex has excellent skills with respect to taking technical knowledge and putting it into simple language for business owners and other less technical-minded people to easily understand and implement. He is a personable individual who can easily put people’s minds at ease when things start to get too technical and difficult so that they can confidently raise their marketing capacity.

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